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Humankindness 101: Lean in and listen

How far would you go for someone?

I have seen this commercial dozens of times, often in between whatever mindless show I am watching on Bravo, and I have to say… it causes a rush of #emotion each time.

First, it makes me #WONDER--what is this little guy’s story?

In this short 30sec commercial I can tell he has made a significant impact on many people. At least big enough for his team to orchestrate a gesture of this magnitude… which #BRAVO! This is an experience he will never forget, his team will never forget, and one that shows the world how #humankindness can #inspire us all.

Next, it #INSPIRES me to think—how can I be a part of that team for someone else?

Although, this grandioso gesture on a #FridayNightLights game is what we all would like to participate in, if we go through each day knowing we have the power to create an unforgettable experience for someone else, that is enough. That is humankindness.

We can all do it. Each and every day. And, we can start this week!

Lead with #empathy. Know that everyone has challenges. You may never know the depth, but the beauty of humankindness is doing it from a place where the unknown does not outweigh the intention of being a good person and doing a good thing.

CHALLENGE: Lean in and listen this week. See how you can share a bit of humandkindness this week for someone.

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