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30% of us spend over a week in getting ready each year

IDK about you, but every morning I can’t help but press SNOOZE (at least once). Even then I don’t actually fall back asleep due to the #Apple ringtone that abruptly and inconveniently woke me up. After I swipe through my calendar and emails, I can’t help but wonder – what am I going to wear? What color did I wear yesterday? Probably some shade of blue since that’s most of my wardrobe. Do I need to iron? And my favorite, do I have clean socks that match?

Recently, I came across a YouGov article that surveyed #professionals to determine how much time we actually spend getting ready for work in the morning. The results shared that the majority of us (56%) take any time between 11 and 30 minutes getting ready. Only 2% take less than 5 minutes and 3% over an hour. More women than men take longer to get ready with 21% men taking over 30 minutes and 38% women.

The most interesting statistic was 30% of us spend over a week in getting ready each year. That’s a lot of time – how can we fix this? Many companies have embraced a “dress for your day” standard.

· Are you headed to the office for a routine day? Sounds casual, so GO FOR IT!

· Are you attending a #careerfair to share what an average day at your company looks like? LOOK-THE-PART!

· How about a meeting with senior #leadership to pitch a proposal? OWN IT!

Does your company embrace a “dress for your day” standard? How do you think this standard impacts #productivity?

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