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Ask For Your Raise In 3 Steps!

Why does it seem so easy for some people to talk to their boss? They always seem to get what they want. They are assigned to take the lead on projects. Their #ideas at meetings are embraced and widely considered. And, more importantly, they are #promoted (and #compensated) quicker. How do they do it? What am I doing wrong? How can this be me?

I speak with many #employees that often say ONLY IF they had “so and so” as a boss then things for them would be different. Specifically, it would then be easier for them to discuss their salary and career aspirations. Well… sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re going to need to take some responsibility. Actually, like all the responsibility. WHY? Well, obvi because its YOUR career. The power to be that person is all up to Y-O-U!

Let’s talk about three steps to help you feel comfortable jumping in your #career #driver seat!

Step 1: Build a #RAPPORT!

This means more than just chatting about your dislike for Mondays, rambling of the weather, and exchanging that awkward smirk in the hallway. If your #boss is not taking the lead on getting to know you as a person, shake off your exterior layer of “too cool” and #ENGAGE! In a world where we have more in common than different, start to unravel what that connection between the two of you is. Your background, education, experiences, love for Game of Thrones, or even going to the same hairdresser? There’s something there, you just have to put in the work. Building a rapport will help your nerves and give you #confidence when it comes time to drive the conversation.

Step 2: Do your RESEARCH!

It would be nice if we all made six figures and had our #dream #job… like, yesterday! But with patience and discipline, you will reach your career #aspirations. In this step it’s important to be realistic. Dive in and do your research. There are many sites and job boards that now collect salary data from current/ previous employees. Utilize #LinkedIn, #Indeed, and #Glassdoor to get started. Compare your title, years of experience, education, transferrable skills, and metropolitan area for an #idea of realistic #salary #goals. You will also want to consider these career details to determine your figure. Many companies will have policies on salary increment increases, etc. BUT if you know what #competitors are paying this could help your business case.

Step 3: RELAX!

I know… this is wayyy easier said than done, but if you’ve rounded step 1 and 2 successfully, you should now feel confident starting this difficult discussion. Remember, your manager is a human with wants and needs just like you! They eat, sleep, and well – you know… just like you do. So, relax and trust you will leave the conversation further along then had you never tried.

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