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how do people feel after walking away from you?

So, last weekend I had a movie night with friends which can easily be referred to as #Wine&WhineNight. We got to the topic of #inspiration. What does inspiration mean to you? How does it make you feel? And then my favorite – how can you share that feeling? This last question really made me dig deep in how I use my words to make people feel a certain way. Now you’re probably thinking this totally contradicts the old saying of sticks and stone and bones (and so on, and so on). But, I truly started to wonder – how do people feel after walking away from me? From the words I speak to the energy I put off – how do they feel? Do they feel inspired? Happy? Sad? Stressed? Negative?

Continuing to dig deep and search for a solution I finally thought, well… start with #AFFIRMATIONS!

“Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to #challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and #believe in them, you can start to make #positive changes.”

I attended a conference several months ago and there was a story shared about a leader who did just this. Each morning as she was getting ready for work and running out the door she would take the same two coins and place them in her left pocket. These coins served as reminders that she wanted to dedicate at least two meaningful affirmations a day to people she had interactions with. Now if you’re thinking this sounds forced and disingenuous – STOP BEING NEGATIVE. The coins were a tool that kept her mindful and resulted in positive experiences, so I’m here for it all! After each positive affirmation she would move a coin from her left pocket to her right pocket. She continued to do this every day for three months and noticed not only did she instinctively exceed two affirmations a day, but even greater she had created an environment around her where people shared and received affirmations contagiously. What a WIN!

From business calls, conversations with friends, endless texts (and emails), to casual encounters with strangers you are on the go communicating the second you start your day. Join the challenge and begin to consider how you make people feel when they walk away from you. Wake up every morning and strive to be a person that people feel enriched around and feel inspired. Wake up every morning with gratitude and push yourself to be a person that effortlessly shares affirmations.  Remember the top thing that doesn’t require any talent is simply being a good person. YOU GOT THIS! 

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