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In order to imagine where you’re going – recognize where you’ve been!

It’s that time of the year. You know, the time where you look into the future and #imagine where you will be and what you will accomplish 365 days from now. What personal and professional things will you achieve? Where will you travel? What new friends will you pick up along the way? What new books/ podcasts will you discover and fall in love with? Will you have new mentors? And, my favorite…what will come your way unexpectedly?

As your imagination begins to overflow with ideas of the future you, keep in mind the journey will be full of obstacles so it’s important to plan. Put your thoughts into words and create goals. When considering goals - keep them SMART.

If you have your iPhone notes open and ready to begin goal setting – HOLD THAT THOUGHT!

You need to first make time for REFLECTION and RECOGNITION! Before you begin #distantthinking about the future YOU – take a step back and recognize the journey you’ve been on the last 12 months.

In order to imagine where you’re going – appreciate where you’ve been! What were some personal and professional wins this year? Where did you travel and who was by your side? What new personal and professional bonds will join you on the journey next year? How did you feel when you received your promotion? or signing the offer letter for your new gig? What curveballs came your way that you slammed over the fence!?

Here are a few things I am proud of in 2019!

  • Delivered my first (of three) personal branding group sessions.

  • Made lasting memories with friends in Puerto Vallarta, Las Vegas, Austin, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans. And, most memorable, brought in the big 3-0 in Provincetown with great company.

  • Recruited and managed my first #organizationaldevelopment program for my business segment.

  • Thanked Jennifer McClure for her inspiration to launch my talent blog,, where I share inspiration, gratitude, and motivation stories encouraging work-life integration.

  • Hired over 140 new employees into the organization.

CHALLENGE: Before you begin your list of things you will accomplish in 2020 – remind the world, and more importantly yourself, of the GREAT things you did this year!

Comment below one personal or professional 2019 moment you are proud of!

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