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Put an ID to your CV! #MarieKondo: Resume Edition

In a job market where resume perfection is in the eye of the beholder it’s hard to know where to start when resume building. I spent the greater part of last month at career fairs and had the opportunity of meeting some great recruiters from various industries. When comparing notes on resume evaluating it became clear we were aligned on some specifics and complete opposites on other “requirements”.

We did manage to agree – candidates should do a better job at standing OUT!

If you are using that $100 online template that guarantees Fortune 50 companies live by said guidelines, you have it all wrong. Everyone possesses unique talents and skills. From the career path you started on to your current #employeejourney. SHOW IT!

If you find yourself in a resume rut here are a few tips to update your resume today!

Replace the inventive title with its commonly used counterpart. Think #BUZZwords.

It’s nice you were the Sr. Creative Evangelist at XYZ company but what did you actually do?! Was this a #Marketing role? #Technical? #Design?

Tip - imagine the convo you’ve had with family during the holidays describing what an average day looks like for you. They don’t speak the same lingo, so you have to break down what you do. This also happens on a first date. The way you describe and compare your title is the same approach you should consider when updating your resume.

You want recruiters and hiring teams to find YOU. So, help yourself and replace the inventive title.

The universal language - NUMBERS!

If you aren’t showing your WINs in numbers fix that ASAP! In a world where money talks, analytics and quantitative data are BIG when reviewing resumes and identifying differentiators between candidate A and candidate B.

Set yourself apart by showcasing goals hit, KPIs, points of impact, etc.

Tip – display this on your resume using line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, surface grips, funnels, columns… okay – you get the picture. There are MANY ways to creatively display these statistics and stand out. These visuals will attract your audience and set you apart.

Put an ID to your CV!

Bring your resume alive by telling your story. For a recruiter, it’s like checking a box when you evaluate min requirements (education, years of work experience, location, salary). What’s next?

Candidates that include their passion and their "why" (purpose statement) stand out the most. Interests, hobbies, and goals give a better idea of who you are. The goal here is to show who you are! This will help separate yourself from the candidate pool and put an ID to your CV.

Tip- work on a #PersonalBrandingStatement. There are free tools online to help you gather these thoughts and walk you through some good ol #introspection. If you're looking for a place to start, I'd refer Heather Dulin for her introspection workbook on this craft.

Just like your personal brand, your resume perfecting will evolve throughout your job search, but with these tips you will be a leap ahead of your competition. #GoodLuck!

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