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There are many days when taking care of business is the priority and everything else in life takes the back seat. Especially, yourself. Whether we are the new person on the team or managing a project, there are expectations we MUST meet regardless of the demand. After all, scientist say the best part of BEING ALIVE is the dopamine rush we get from a job well done.

It’s human nature to want to succeed and accomplish tough goals. However, with these days being spread throughout our life, it’s important to keep self-care a priority. So, I ask you this, “What have you done for you lately?”

Let’s talk about how we can add work-life balance even if our current situation isn’t advocating this necessity.

You must disconnect!

Time away from your phone means time away from business calls and checking your inbox. YIKES! Just the thought is frightening. But your sanity and your health deserve it. Start with cutting off at a certain time in the evening, and gradually scale this back to what makes sense for you. If sparing an hour in the evening is the most you can do, DO IT!

Celebrate WINS!

Its nice when your team, your boss, or even your customer recognize your efforts on a job well-done, but don’t let this become your standard. Right now, extend your right arm across your body, now pat yourself on the back. The sacrifices you make throughout the week, and even each day, should not go unnoticed. Whether they are obvious to those around you or not, you understand the effort you put in to your work day in and day out. Celebrate your WINS – big or small. TREAT YOURSELF, SHAMELESSLY!


Friend and mentor, Heather Dulin, introduced me to soulcations. This is the idea that whether you spend a day in nature or plan a week-long trip with a companion, the time you pour into yourself to recharge elevates you to the best version of YOU. This is the YOU your team needs, your family knows, and the world wants to meet!

CHALLENGE: find an activity you can do weekly that promotes health, motivation, and focus on YOU! A good place to start is think of something that makes you smile, and something that makes someone else smile.

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