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There is not one resume template that will show this story for every story. It’s time to #UpgradeU!

#RingTheAlarm! You need more of YOU in your Resume!

Stop letting your resume fall flat with that overpriced, online template. #Sorry but what’s the point of being in #formation if you were meant to stand out. You can’t expect to shine through that Times New Roman, size 10 font…or, whatever your resume template suggested, if everyone else is using it! #NoNoNo

#Listen to this - about three weeks ago I attended a career fair in hopes to find exceptional December grads. As most Recruiters know, it’s key to

  • be there early;

  • scope out the competition, and;

  • understand you are there to make an impression just as much as the students.

Recruiters are tasked with embodying the company culture, vision, and sharing their unique story.

On the flip side, students are focused on showcasing their knowledge of your company, displaying their communication skills, translating their experience to your business, and most importantly – STANDING OUT. Although it’s difficult in a sea of blazers and pantsuits you only get an average of 75 seconds to make your impression!

The #partition lowered, and the career fair started! It looked like a scene from #Survivor. As students were scrambling across the room, I greeted each person with excitement and different questions based off their unique experience and background. During these short intros I tried my best to write specific notes and shorthand on each resume. However, as I was working to individualize each experience, I realized all of the students weren’t doing the same. The verbal execution was #flawless, but all of the resumes seemed very similar. In fact, it became painfully obvious these students used the same resume template. (I later found out this was a school requirement to enter the career fair.)

When I debriefed with my team to compare notes, we shared resumes and often played scrabble with our own shorthand. At this time, the only opportunity these students had to stand out was based off the notes I added to their resume. Their creativity, unique style, and career passion became harder to compare when looking at a stack full of resumes that appeared all the same.

Dress to impress is the name of the game, but at the end of the day the most important and lasting detail that would take place was an opportunity missed – their unique resume.

ATTN: All soon to be grads and anyone else in the job market, YOUR resume is a unique reflection of

  • where you have been;

  • where you are, and;

  • most importantly – where you are going!

There is not one resume template that will show this story for every story. It’s time to #UpgradeU! Put more of you in your resume and don’t forget what makes you #irreplaceable.

** I personally think Michelle is great and Destiny’s Child is one of my all-time favorite groups. Visual inspired by Blake Jeffries and his yearbook quote, “I was the Beyonce in a school full of Michelles.” I bet you were Blake. 100%. **

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