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Boomerang Employee Pipeline

“Hi Mark – we need a Designer III at our Burkburnett facility ASAP. John left, and this is an immediate and critical business need.”

In the #talent space, it’s not uncommon to see this urgency on a weekly basis… if not more frequent. It’s usually a call or email asking for a candidate who:

  • knows the business & customers;

  • understands the company #culture & values, and;

  • waiting in our #pipeline for the call.

For those experienced in #pipelinebuilding, it’s routine to keep #candidates warm, however if another opportunity comes their way sooner you’re out of luck.

I read an article last week titled “The Millennial Tsunami”. The title was catchy and cool. I also wasn’t sure whether to be offended or excited. So, obviously I had to dive in. The article spoke on the large gap of working #employees to come in the next decade; specifically, how #millennials would contribute to a large majority of the #workforce. This didn’t necessarily surprise me, but it had me thinking about the way we currently build pipelines and how we could improve this process to accommodate these future trends. The average tenure of employees is anticipated to be about two years. Losing good employees every two years seems like a very costly issue… right? How quick will they be replaced? How much #business will we lose without someone in this seat? How long will it take to train someone?

In order to stay ahead of this trend, we should begin asking – what can Talent do now to get ahead of this trend later?

Solution: Implement an alumni network for your company! Good employees leave good employers everyday for various reasons, but we are forgetting to STAY #CONNECTED. These are employees that know our business, proprietary company knowledge, as well as team culture and company values. So, to get started, begin your exit survey asking:

“Would you like to join the company alumni network? You will be the first to know about immediate and critical roles we are hiring for and eligible to refer someone or apply with priority as a former employee.”

This not only gives your Talent team a pipeline to tap into for each function by location, but this will increase your company #outreach and continue to promote your brand.

Challenge: accept these forecasted trends for truths and begin building your talent pipeline today. If the human journey is about evolving, then it’s our job in Talent to adjust our approach for future trends. Build a workspace and culture that understands this to be inevitable and turn it into a company advantage.

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