What are you doing to protect and nurture your mental health?

Despite your #pandemic story, there is a common thread linking us altogether.

The Virtual Employee. Are you working from home? If so, you might find yourself working 20% more than you did pre-Covid. Why? Well – you tell me a good way to disconnect. It seems impossible these days to find a place to stop.

The Commuter. Are you going into work and commuting? The commuters I have spoken with are not necessarily upset with the normalcy of a routine and getting out of the house; however, the way in which they go about their routine has changed – drastically!

The Job Seeker. Are you looking for work right now? Many of the jobs that were first to reduce headcount will not see those jobs return. Does this even make sense? Well, sure. When companies shifted to cloud business operations there was a huge spotlight on overlap.

So, what is it? What is the one thing that we all have in common despite the journey we are all on… to be honest, they all sound terrible. If you agree, then you are on the right track.

The common thread is in fact #mentalhealth.

What are you doing to protect and nurture your mental health? Well, check out a few tips here:

The Virtual Employee

Protect your calendar. Schedule time throughout the day for you. If this means blocking off an hour to finish tasks without distractions or even taking a midday walk to move– do it. The welcomed distractions and activities that were normal in the office may look different working remote, but it’s critical as you find your new normal.

The Commuter

Many of the people I spoke with are most concerned with returning home – to loved ones. If you have young children, caring for elderly family members, or your partner (or yourself) have a compromised immune system – then absolutely this is stressful. Focus on your #trustpocket and continue to have open dialogue around your unit’s perspective, precaution and plan.

The Job Seeker

Don’t. Give. Up! There are many emotions that come with the struggle of finding your next move. It’s even harder when you are told your job won’t return. WHAT DO YOU DO? Reimagine, Rebrand, and repurpose along the way. You are not looking for a role that has the same job title, you are looking for a role that matches your transferrable skills!

Although Covid blew us into the same storm, we are all on a different ship navigating to safety. You may feel content with your situation, but keep in mind a friend in the same situation may not. Suffering from mental health issues is in fact what links us altogether.

Mental health is not that doctor turned patient Halle Berry played in Gothika or even the character Angelina (spectacularly) played in Girl Interrupted. (Oh my – that movie, so good!) But mental health is all of us, mental health is being human.

Despite your pandemic story, there is a common thread linking us altogether – so, don’t feel alone. #strongertogether

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