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Take 5 & Dance It Out!

On the worst of the worst days, it’s interesting how I can hear a particular song and it turns my mood around. Regardless of the stress I felt in that moment, or the stress I felt building up from my professional or personal life – I find myself disconnecting. That once heavy blanket of stress is tossed to the corner as a dance party quickly commences.

Challenge! Take 5 minutes today to DANCE IT OUT!

In between meetings or during your lunch break, think of a song that inspires you and brings joy. Next – drop your devices, drop your stress, and go ahead and “drop that dun du dun”. If you’re unfamiliar with this song/ phrase, this is your pass to drop it low.

I find it rather ironic Queen’s “Under Pressure” is my go-to, but it gets me moving every time.

Have a great Wednesday! #YouGotThis

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