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Does your company have a 2020 Diversity & Inclusion campaign prepared? If not, there's still time!

If humanity is plural, then our workforce should be diverse and inclusive.

In #TalentAcquisition, we are tasked with ever evolving people initiatives that shape the #culture and future of our company. We are tasked with understanding what #diversity means today, and #DistantThinking of what it will mean in the future.


Imagine walking into a conference room to take your seat and no one else looking like you. Does this mean your company needs to improve diversity... or, is this an opportunity to share your diverse and unique #perspective? If you ask me, I would say a combination. Change happens when you accept opportunities and respond with purpose.

It may be an uncomfortable feeling when you realize there aren't people that look, sound, or think like you do, but know you are there for a reason.

THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. This is where diversity THRIVES!

Diversity is choosing to not shy away when we feel we aren't fitting a mold. Diversity is taking advantage of the experiences you have to express your #authenticity and #passion, your knowledge and experience, and most importantly - YOUR perspective. This is the chance to participate in discussing opposing views and healthy debate to achieve heights beyond your imagination.

I started reading "Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility” by #PattyMcCord which shares the early days of #Netflix. How did a company with exponential growth manage to prioritize its people?

Patty shares that the old management model of decision-making from the top-down was never an option. Executive leadership knew that employees were 50% more engaged when they felt they were required to innovate and work beyond the scope of their title. The initial approach to encourage healthy debate and create the culture of idea sharing started with the executive leadership team. They began hosting town-halls where leaders debated one another with an employee audience. This served as an example of what was expected of Netflix employees at every level, regardless of title, to take a seat at the table and collaborate with their team. This was an example for all Netflix employees to share their ideas and perspective freely without judgement.

The textbook definition of diversity, includes: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and/ or other ideologies BUT where do you start in 2020? Diversity already lives in the decisions you are making!

Diversity is who are you hiring, recruiting, promoting, and inviting to have a seat at the table.


In order to launch a successful Diversity & Inclusion campaign, its important to understand that although commonly paired together, Diversity & Inclusion stand alone, and each serve a separate purpose.

When it comes to inclusion we are talking about how people feel. There is not one initiative that stands alone to make everyone feel included. Instead its about building a work community that offers experiences and opportunities for diverse people to come together through shared interests.

#MarkZuckerberg did a great job at the 2017 #Harvard commencement speech when he discussed his vision for the future of #Facebook. There is a large and diverse group of people on Facebook, and similarly, in the #workplace. In these diverse environments we all have different interests. When we begin to bring together people of diverse backgrounds that have similar interests, we begin building trust, relatability, and an inclusive environment.

A good place to start when building an inclusive environment, without formal #EmployeeResourceGroups (ERGs), is to start by recognizing diversity days and invite your employees to join in celebration together. Companies can check the diversity box first, but to ensure inclusivity follows, employees must feel safe, welcomed, and valued.

Does your company have a 2020 Diversity & Inclusion campaign prepared? If not, you still have time to make a meaningful impact.

Keep in mind there are four main pillars to consider when building your Diversity & Inclusion campaign, including: Diversity, Inclusion, People Development and Controversies.

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