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Here are THREE topics you should prioritize

#TalentTipTuesday: 3 MUST ASK Interview Questions

Are you headed to an #interview soon? Or, are you a hiring team looking to WOW an #AceCandidate? Here are THREE topics you should prioritize.

First, discuss what a normal day looks like. #Day2Day!

- What are the expectations, potential challenges, and how will you partner with your team, other groups, and even customers?

- Ask the #HiringManager if a team lead or someone with the same title of the open role can join the interview and contribute to this discussion.

Next, let’s talk about #DEVELOPMENT. If the average tenure is expected to be less than 3 years in the near future, development opportunities is a huge factor for longevity.

- Ask the interviewer what has been their #journey and experience with the company?

- Get an idea of the development opportunities the hiring team foresees for this role.

Last, and also my favorite, hit on #CULTURE.

- What is the culture of the team?

- Have the interviewer describe the #CompanyCulture.

- Get an understanding of how the company makes impacts in the #community and gives back.


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