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In 2020, initiate your first Community Resource Group (CRG).

Does your organization have mature #EmployeeResourceGroups (#ERGs)? If so, what’s next? How can your ERGs push your #EmployerBrand to the next level?

In 2020, initiate your first Community Resource Group (CRG).

The #CRG is led by ERG Representatives tasked with coordinating #community #meetups to network with local professionals within that interest group. Here are some #benefits!

  • Reputation is built through positive and visible experiences and/or actions. Afterall, people will work for a company that they know does good without knowing what #business they do.

  • Differentiate your organization and your people from competitors in the community.

  • The presence of CRG Representatives will tell the story of your organization’s #diversity and #inclusion maturity.

  • ERG Representatives can transform their CRG network into a passive #candidate pipeline.

  • CRGs will increase your community involvement and allow employees to express their unique experiences and your organization #culture with the world.

CHALLENGE: Start a pilot group! Identify your most mature ERG and begin coordinating your first CRG meetup. Don’t strive for perfection, but instead – CREATE WITH #AGILITY! #YouGotThis.

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